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Kringle Candle, Pancake Breakfast
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Review Summary:

A maple syrup scent that has a moderate throw.

I have not had much experience with Kringle Candle Company, so I leapt at the chance to purchase one of their large, classic apothecary jars on sale at The Lamp Stand recently. The scent I chose was Pancake Breakfast…mmmm! From perusing the Kringle Candle Company website, I can see this is a discontinued fragrance, but it is still obtainable from various sources online.

This was a tall, slender apothecary style jar with a 95-hour listed burn time. The label on the jar illustrated a delicious looking stack of pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and covered with blueberries and raspberries. The wax was a solid white color and there was a single wick in the jar.

Comfort food for the nose: steaming blueberry flapjacks piled high, butter melting perfectly and hot maple syrup were the inspiration for Pancake Breakfast.

The cold sniff was light but had that distinctive maple syrup smell to it. I could also detect just hints of blueberry with each whiff. Delicious! Once I started burning this candle, I noticed that the maple syrup scent was predominant. The blueberry scent simply got lost in the maple syrup and I was no longer able to smell it. Total bummer! I never did detect any raspberry type of scent. There was a heavier, bready backnote that reminded me of fluffy pancakes. The scent throw itself was moderately strong – I was able to detect the scent each time I entered the small room it was in. I certainly would have liked the scent throw to be stronger.

This was a very slow burning candle and I wouldn’t doubt the reported burn time, even though I didn’t time it. Because the mouth of this jar was not very wide, it did not take a long time to reach a full melt pool. I did use an Illuma-Lid from YC to help tame the flame initially, but I really didn’t need it after the first couple of burns.kringle-candle-pancake-breakfast-open

Overall, this was a decent candle but nothing to oooh and ahhh over. The scent was not as complex as I was hoping and the scent throw was not strong enough for a large candle in my opinion. This sized candle sells for $25 on the Kringle Candle website. With this particular fragrance being discontinued, I was able to snag it for only $21.95.

I do want to try other candles from Kringle, but this is not a particular fragrance I would buy again.

Have you tried Kringle Candle Company? What are your favorite scents?

Author: Andrea

Andrea is the voice behind Candle Scoop. She is a long-standing member of Candlefind and loves all things scented. While she enjoys scents across the spectrum, she is a die-hard bakery and fresh-scent fan. She enjoys rooting out bargains and candle discounts, but she won't hesitate to pamper herself with a luxury brand. When not writing or talking about candles, she enjoys spectator sports and playing with her pups. Andrea would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact!

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  1. What a beautiful candle! And it sounds delicious as well 🙂 great review!

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  2. Oh, Oh, I was soooo hoping this company would get a really good review. I know that the father of the current owner of Kringle was the founder of the famous Yankee Candle Co! So I was hoping for some out of this world review on their candles. I am disappointed that you were disappointed in the scent throw. I have been wanting to try there tarts for a little while now. I know a few months ago you girls did a review on I think it was a fruity candle? Maybe a lemon aid? And that was a positive review. I sure hope their tarts are stronger because I really want to order a couple to try.

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    • Yes, disappointing. Not a bad candle – it just didn’t blow me away. I had better luck with their melts.

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  3. I found the melts to be stronger than the candle fragrances I’ve tried. The candles burned well with a light to medium throw. Raspberry Jam smelled yummy.

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  4. Love the look of those apothecary jars. Kind of like what Coyer Candle has. People talk about Kringle once in a while on the Yankee Facebook page, but I’ve never tried them.

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    • The jar is really beautiful – I like the tall/slender look for a change of pace. I’m going to try another candle soon and I’m hoping for better results.

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  5. That sounds like a wonderful smelling candle. I wouldn’t want to burn it in the morning – might trick people into thinking I’m making pancakes!

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    • Haha, Amy. Good idea! I’m going to have it going with another candle scent to see what interesting mixes I can come up with.

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  6. I so wanted to like these candles. the wax is a beautiful pristine white and gives off the most beautiful glow; can’t take that away. had no issues with wicks or wax pool. wax is hard and forms a wax pool more slowly. this would be an advantage to a slower burning candle if the scent was there. I had 3 candles: a summer lights single wick raspberry jam, single wick tall apothecary in Nantucket Rose, and a double wick tumbler in tangerine. all with little to absolutely no throw. Nantucket rose in my bath with the door closed gave 0000000 throw. raspberry jam was hardly noticeable and not a very pleasant raspberry; more like a peach (?) maybe? tangerine morphed into bayer baby aspirin. Very disappointing.

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