Candle Review: Kudzu, Cotton Creek Candles

Cotton Creek Candles, Kudzu
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Review Summary:

A fragrant pillar candle with a sweet, grapey scent.

Cotton Creek Candles has some of the most beautiful candles I’ve ever seen. I often oooh and ahhh over them when shopping locally, but I’ve never made a purchase. Luckily, a cotton-creek-candles-kudzufriend gifted me this striking Kudzu candle and it was hard to contain my excitement! Not only is this candle a looker, it has the most wonderful, delicious, fragrant scent.





Kudzu is a common site here in the South, and while it can be quite pesky and invasive, it smells WONDERFUL! It has a very characteristic grapey-type scent. And that’s exactly what this candle smelled like – grape kool-aid, only not sticky, syrupy sweet.

This candle had a great cold throw – it scented a medium sized room without even being lit. The wonderful, sweet grape scent of kudzu was detectable as soon as I walked into the room. Once I lit this candle, I was in for more deliciousness. I don’t often use pillar candles and when I do, I don’t expect an earth-shattering scent throw. I did get a very good scent throw from this candle – not super strong, but it definitely scented up the room and continued to fragrance after it was lit. It even did fairly well in a large, open area. This is not a scent throw that is going to smack you in the face, but it was very pleasant and refreshing. Perfect if having company over for a gathering.

I would definitely repurchase this candle again!

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Author: Andrea

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  1. I had no idea kudzu had a scent! learn somethin new every day, huh! That candle is crazy pretty – love it!

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