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NorthWood Candle Company, Fresh Outdoors






Scent Strength


Scent Throw





  • Clean-burning
  • Unique and complex fresh scent


  • Simple appearance

Smell the fresh air, grass, rain,fresh dirt, and all of natures beauty! Unique and popular.

Candle Size: Status jar, 3w x 4h

Type of wax: Soy

Stated Burn Time: Up to 100 hours

Where Burned: 10×12 room

Company History: NorthWood Candle Company was started by Brian Bahr in honor of his father. He and his father had discussed business ideas such as opening a candle company. Prior to launching this company/idea, Brian’s father died; he decided to open the company in his honor. Started in International Falls, Minnesota in 2010, NorthWoods has been growing for years and continues to grow even as it is now based in Twin Cities.

Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: fresh, clean scent with some extra components

FUN FACT: International Falls, MN is very close to the Canadian border; it is located on a river just across from Ontario, Canada.

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: This is a status jar made of transparent, heavy glass with a lip at the bottom and an overhanging lip on the lid. The lid sports a round, white sticker with the NorthWood logo–a simple bicolor appearance with the “W” in a flame shape–along with the name of the scent. A similar sticker on the bottom has the warning information. There is another sticker–clear and square–near the bottom-front of the cylinder with the company logo. The wax itself is white and there is one almost-centrally placed wooden wick with a thin, slightly uneven top. Overall, I thought this a simple appearance without affectation. I think this appearance is great for lovers of a simple appearance. I think men could appreciate this also, though my personal preference is for something a little more embellished. I like the wooden wick: its uneven top gives it a very natural appearance.
  • Scent: I truly enjoyed this scent. It’s a complex type of fresh. I could smell the typical fresh air and grassy components, but there were other touches I couldn’t quite name. Maybe the dirt that is described, and something very mildly spicy. It’s hard to say, but the complexity really won me over. It is a mostly-fresh scent, though, so if you like these, this is for you. I would call this a unisex scent: it could be appealing to anyone.
  • Scent Strength: This candle had moderate strength. I could smell it on cold sniff and while burning, though it wasn’t super-strong or overwhelming. This is a good strength level for almost anyone since it is neither too light or too strong.
  • Scent Throw: The throw was also moderate, with medium saturation closer to the candle and a light scent at the periphery of the room. The scent did not “float” into other rooms or the hallway, though the door was open. This throw is perfect for people who want to scent a room about this size but not have the scent interfere with others in the house.
  • Performance: Overall, this candle performed fairly well. It burned cleanly with virtually no soot. There was a minimal amount of wax left on one side, possibly as a result of the wick being placed slightly off center. I got about 70 hours of burn time with proper wick trimming. A full wax pool formed after a little over an hour. The flame seemed quite low now and again but it did keep burning. Minor problems in several areas in terms of performance, though there were no major problems in any one area.

Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: I would purchase this again; also, I would consider for men, which I don’t always do with candles. If they are not candle-lovers already, you may just be able to pique their interest with this candle and company!

Would I repurchase? Yes

Disclosures:  I did receive this product for review. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Please read our Disclaimer Statement.

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Author: Ann Frati

Hello candle lovers… my name is Ann Frati and I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing reviews for Candlefind & Candle Scoop! As a big fan of everything olfactory, I love candles, melts, room sprays, lotions, butters, shower gels, soaps: basically, all of it. In general, anything with the potential for creating aroma is a product I am willing to try and will likely enjoy. Of course, candles are the core and at the “scenter” –pun intended ;)–of any scent lovers collection.

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  1. Would try this one….I LOVE Wood Wicked candles!

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    • I agree, Becky. They create a wonderful ambiance. Ann makes this one sound really good!

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  2. This sounds great, I love woodwicks but sadly most I buy do not burn correctly. This sounds real encouraging for a woodwick and the scent sounds so interesting. Cannot wait to try. Thanks for the review.

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    • Hi Tina, We hope that you’ll give our candle line a try! Save 30% with code NEW30 when you place your order online!

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    • That’s too bad, Tina. By not burning correctly, what problems did you have? I have noticed bigger flames with the wood wick candles I’ve tried.

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  3. Presentation




    Scent Strength


    Scent Throw




    Bought almost $ 100 worth of these candles, only one single one burned all the way down (an expensive candle grrrr !), the other ones did not: had to pour the wax out, re lite and so on to no avail. After writing to the company of course they accused me of not being able to know how to burn a candle ! !
    Never, ever will I buy from them again. Somebody mentioned that the “good reviews” do get a discount ?

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    • HI Eliane,

      I would contact the company. If you purchased that many candles and all were defective… that’s not good.

      I don’t know what you mean by “Good reviews get a discount?” Our reviews are completely unbiased with each reviewer having their own options and experiences.

      Hopefully once you contact them, they’ll work with you.

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