Candle Review: Coconut Milk & Mango, Patriot Candles

Patriot Candles, Coconut Milk & Mango
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  • Packaging/Presentation: This candle was a 3-wick tumbler style candle that mimicked the B&BW candles I love. A clear glass round jar with three well placed wicks. The label was white with the company name and scent name clearly displayed. The words "Coconut Milk" were written in an orange script font and "& Mango" was written in a smaller all caps font with gray lettering. There was a picture of a coconut tree in the far right corner. It had a shiny silver lid. The wax was a mottled orange color. Overall a very nice style jar. 4/5
  • Scent: The mango scent was more candy-like than like the real fruit. The scent was sweet and somewhat creamy from the coconut milk. I didn't find the scent particularly authentic. It wasn't unpleasant, but it did smell artificial. 2.5/5
  • Scent Throw: Extremely weak scent throw. I could barely detect the scent in my smallest room. I did try to move the candle around to see if it was impacted by drafts, ceiling heights, etc., but to no avail. I could really only smell this candle when standing right next to it. 1.5/5
  • Performance: It took a while to get a full wax melt pool - even with 3 wicks - but I did eventually get a full pool. The flames were nice and big for a deep melt pool during the first half of the burn. After that, I got nubby flames and a very shallow wax melt pool. The candle did start wax rimming at that point. I did not notice any black sooting. 2/5
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  • Overall rating: 2.5/5

Coconut Milk & Mango, Patriot Candles

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No scent description available.

Candle Size: 14 ounces

Stated Burn Time: Not stated.

Where Burned: Rooms sized 6′ x 6.5′ , 8′ x 9′, and 12′ x 12′

Great For: Summer; Those who love fruity scents; Bathrooms; Small spaces

Comments: I purchased this at Walgreens on clearance

Would I repurchase? No

Disclosures: None. I purchased this product myself.

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  • Cheap candle fix.
  • Cute candle jar.


  • Artificial scent.
  • Weak scent throw.

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