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Chi Soy Candles, Bourbon-Brown Sugar






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  • Long lasting
  • Delicious scent
  • Clean burn


  • Price
  • Plastic lid

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Candle Size:  7.5 ounces

Type of wax: Soy

Stated Burn Time: Approximately 70 hours

Where Burned: Room size 6′ x 6.5′

Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff:  O M G – this smelled great on cold sniff! It smelled just like a bag of brown sugar. It was strong and rich. Loved it!

FUN FACT: Light brown sugar has 3.5% molasses, whereas dark brown sugar has 6.5%.

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: This was a beautiful amber jar with a white label that wrapped part way around it. The label was white and housed the company name. The scent name was found on the bottom warning label sticker. The lid was a black plastic lid, which took away from some of the presentation in my book. The was no dye in the wax and the wick was well placed in the center.
  • Scent: This scent was so rich, warm, and inviting. It smelled like warmed brown sugar. It was sweet and thick with a bit of a caramelly smell to it. I’m assuming the caramel was the bourbon, because I didn’t smell anything else that would make me think of this spirit.
  • Scent Intensity: This scent was fairly strong.
  • Scent Throw: The candle scented up the room it was in without any difficulty. I could walk into the room and know immediately the candle was burning. I smelled it out into the hallway with the door open, but not with it closed. I think this was mostly due to the candle size, as the scent was fairly intense.
  • Performance: This candle obtained a full wax melt pool in a very short period of time. The melt pool was thin and even. This candle had a great, clean burn. No black sooting that I noted and no wasted wax on the sides. The candle did last a long time – around 65 hours. I also loved the glow while this candle was burning. The amber jar glowed and made for a beautiful display. I couldn’t use the plastic lid as a snuffer, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: This scent won me over on cold sniff, and it smelled even better burning. On cold sniff, I could really only smell brown sugar. Once it started burning, I also detected some caramel notes that made the scent even richer.

Status of the jar: This jar is heading to the local recycling center.

Would I repurchase? Yes, in a larger size jar. I see there are 16 ounce candles available.

Disclosures: I did receive this product for review. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Please read our Disclaimer Statement.

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Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

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  1. I love sugar and caramel scents. This sounds great. This brand seems to be getting some high scores….

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  2. I am interested in trying this vendor. I like strong scents and this would be perfect.

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  3. LOL! I always wondered what the difference was between dark and light brown sugars. Thanks for clearing that up. I am not familiar with this brand. But it sure looks like they put out a great candle…at least for this scent.

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