Candle Review: Bergamot Citron, West Brook Candles

West Brook Candles, Bergamot Citron
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A very pleasing candle scent that has a lighter scent throw.

Whenever I go to Bed Bath & Beyond, I get what I need and then I make a beeline for the candle department. My ol’ standby’s – Colonial and Yankee are colorfully displayed there. On my last visit, I slowed down and looked around at some of the other items they had stocked in this department. Funny – in my haste to get to my usuals, I had been walking by a bunch of other candles – and really had not noticed them!

Since they were “off brands” and many were pillars, I had not given them much thought in the past. However, since they always have them – someone must be buying them. Otherwise they would not be occupying so much retail space, right?

So, I marched over to the scented pillars. Westbrook was the name of the company on the label. Not familiar with that one! I did the cold sniff to see if I could find a scented pillar that might at least start off well. I chose the brown mottled 4″ pillar in the scent of Bergamot Citron – I could easily smell it through the mylar plastic sleeve.


Once the sleeve came off I was even more hopeful – I noticed the scent on my hands after I placed the candle on its holder. I closed the door – tomorrow I would test.

The next morning I opened the door and I was pleased to smell the scent drifting in the air – preburn!

Once I lit the candle it burned very nicely – it even did its own “hugging”! As it burned down it’s tunnel narrowed a bit and I nudged the wick a couple of times, but it was still a pretty good burn overall. The scent was not overpowering, but I could certainly smell it. Not much Citron – but there was no missing the Bergamot! Hmmm… so that is why these candles have been in stock at BB&B! Somebody knew the secret!

They weren’t too expensive – at about $6.99 for this smaller size. (Of course you know I got a better deal – who doesn’t go to BB&B armed with a purseful of their coupons?! )

Bergamot is generally a strong scent so maybe it was cheating trying this as a test. However, since the candle burned so well I would not hesitate to try another fragrance in the line.


Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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  1. I love bergamot, may have to seek one of these babies out. 🙂

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  2. Great find – I always overlook the pillar candles. I’ll have to keep an open mind! And that scent sounds amazing too

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  3. Love shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond as they always have coupons. I have candle sconces that use pillar candles so will have to look at these next time I am there.

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  4. I am looking for some West Brook Bergamot Citron., BB&B do not have any, where else, website to purchase some! I love the scent, gotta find them!!!!

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  5. I too need some West Brook Bergamot Citron candles. BB & B doesn’t carry them anymore. I’ve googled them and can’t find who sells West Brook BC candles. Please someone help!!!

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  6. I purchased the bergamont citron candle from BB&B a year ago….it was on clearance…. I wish I knew what to expect else I’d purchased many of them long ago. You could put them in a couple rooms….and your house would smell grand!!! No need for plug ins with this candle!!! I hope they bring them back!!!

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  7. I used to buy the bergamont citron candles and diffusers at BB&B. Loved them. They don’t carry them anymore and I can’t find them any where online. They don’t carry Westbrook anymore either. I think they were made especially for BB& B. Their other candles and diffusers aren’t any good! If anyone finds something similar please let me know.

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