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Patch NYC, Bear
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  • Patch NYC, Bear
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Review Summary:

A floral woodsy beautiful scent-sation.

I bought this Patch NYC candle from a cute vintage-inspired website, The Soap & Paper Factory. There are sooooo many neat things to be found there, including these darling candles. Patch NYC is apparently this eclectic antique store located in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the owners, Don Carney, is an artist. Patch NYC partnered up with The Soap & Paper Factory to create a line of soy candles that display Don’s artwork.

I bought just a handful of scents, including this one: Bear. I loved how the scent names were that of animals and specific objects. It was hard to choose, but I did choose Bear because of the mix of floral and woodsy. The Patch NYC candles are 100% soy and slated for a 70 hour burn time.


I loved the cute box that the candle came in – a black box with script handwriting all over the box. There was a gold oval Victorian picture frame on the front of the box with a hand-drawn picture of a bear on the front. There was a card insert inside the box that had a list of all the scents available. The candle itself was a simple clear glass jar with a thick bottom. The bear in the picture frame made another appearance on the candle jar. The wax was a very light gray color and there was a single wick in the center.

{Sweet jasmine, violet, cedar, amber wood}

plush and lush with a honeyed flourish,

sumptuous as a long winter’s nap.

Opening the box was a joy because I was greeted by the scent of the candle…wonderful! It was woodsy on cold sniff and I smelled mostly the sweet smell of cedar with some amber notes. I didn’t smell any floral notes on cold sniff. I lit this candle in the smallest room in my house, the powder room, and I left it to work its magic. I reentered the room a little over 30 minutes later and the first thought that came to my mind was…beautiful. This scent was BEAUTIFUL! I was literally stunned. I didn’t expect such a beautiful mix. I still smelled the sweet cedar, but the floral notes had surfaced and blended so well with the woodsy ones. It had a slightly earthy finish that seemed very sophisticated. The cedar was prominent throughout. The scent throw was fabulous in this room – moderately strong. I think it did very well in the powder room, but I think the glorious scent would have been lost in a larger space. patch-nyc-bear-candle-top

The burn of this candle was pretty good. It took no time to develop a full wax melt pool. The candle wick did need trimming pretty frequently to keep carbon balls from forming. I didn’t notice any black sooting. This was a slow burning candle, so I’d say the 70-hour burn time was fairly accurate. Once I got down to the last 1/2″ of wax in this candle, I placed it on a candle warmer. I was able to enjoy this lovely scent for several days on end.

This was a fabulous candle and I will definitely repurchase this one. I can’t wait to try my other two candles from Patch NYC now!

Do you have a favorite floral/woodsy mix candle?

Happy candle burning ~


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  1. What a beautiful candle! You always find the most unique candles! This is the type of candle I would absolutely want to try.

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