Candle Review: Air Wick’s Color Changing Candles

Air Wick, Vanilla Bean & Autumn Winds
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Review Summary:

A fun color-changing candle with a mild throw.

I am guessing that somewhere, wherever novelty candle designers get together to create, they have a big photo of their target audience – and that photo includes pictures of ME! Give me a candle – give me a gimmick, and I am one happy gal.

Air Wick grabbed my attention with their Color Changing candles. There they were…right there in the grocery aisle, just waiting to be discovered!

The box was bright, it promised me great swirls of changing color, and for autumn scenting I chose the Vanilla Bean & Autumn Leaves  version.


The cold sniff was a  mild vanilla, no hints of autumn leaves yet.

I was anxious to try this one, but decided it was best observed at night so those Color Changing colors could really make an appearance.

It  was an interesting thing to note – the color lit up when the flame came close to the wick. The unit making colors seems to respond to light, not heat.    I did not even light it for awhile – I just moved my candle lighter flame close to it…and back…to it… and back.  This candle was great entertainment already!

The clean frosted glass holds white wax, and a single wick.  Once I finally focused and lit the candle for real, the colors immediately started and brightly covered the entire container up to the level of the wax.  It switched through five, no wait – make it six colors!  What a light show! It is fun to watch, a great conversation candle.

The candle burns cleanly, it tunnels a bit.  I paid about $6.00 at my store.

The scent on the box reads: Enjoy the  aroma of creamy vanilla bean on a crisp autumn day.  The scent is mild but noticeable.  You do not have to stand over the top, but it will get lost in a big room. I never did smell the autumn leaves – only a buttery vanilla. But, you know what?  I think it is best that way.  The vibrant pink and blue of the changing colors would have fought with my picture of autumn – orange and gold.  Vanilla is neutral enough to match a light show of any color!

The wick will stop burning a little higher than usual  to accommodate the “works” that provide the changing color. (Check Youtube for good videos about dissecting the innards if you tend to be interested in the science of the candle. I prefer to just think it is magic!)

Four stars instead of 5 since the fragrance is mild.  However,  I would buy this brand/style of candle again because the changing colors are so fun. It is like Mardi Gras every night!

Color changing products have come and gone over the years.  Airwick’s candle is of a nice quality at a great price so I hope they will be around for awhile. They already have place at my New Year’s party!


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Author: Avery Jordan

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  1. Oh my, I NEED this candle! Thank you for the lovely review 🙂

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    • I hope you will have as much fun watching the colors as I did!

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  2. Avery I haven’t heard of this magical color changing candle! You bet I will be looking for it in my grocery store. I love vanilla and autumn scents! I am a little sad that the scent throw wasn’t strong. {that means my hubby will like it} HE isn’t a big fan of the STRONG throw like me!

    Thanks so much for bringing this lovely candle to our attention.

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  3. Carolyn – it was MY pleasure. LOL! I am seeing the Holiday version coming to stores now, I am anxious to try those as well.

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  4. This sounds like such a fun candle. I never knew candles like these existed so I really appreciated your review.

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    • It is sooo fun finding unique candles like this – especially at a great price! : )

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  5. That sounds so cool! I bet it would be cool for a dim bathroom or a relaxing bath! Thanks for sharing!

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    • I am a bubble bath fan – I think you have a great idea!

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