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dl-company-black-dahlia-candleD.L. & Company is a luxury candle company located in Van Nuys, California. Here you will find very unusual and unique candles in very distinctive scents. These candles are perfect for those who like the opulent…the unusual…the conversation starters. And yes, those who love great smelling candles.

These candle beauties are created with a special combination of maple, soy and palm waxes. This combination allows them to have very clean burns with minimal sooting. The candles in the Signature Collection come in beautiful Burmese silk boxes reminiscent of hat boxes. The scallop candle jars in this line are one of a kind…they are created with Australian sand and sport the initials of the artiste (Doug Little) underneath. The vibrant colors of the vessels are stunning and

Photo Credit: D.L. & Company

provide a stark contrast to the off white, creamy wax. Some of the scent choices include Black Dahlia (black pepper, jasmine absolute, amber, and Mysore sandalwood), Lady Rhubarb (Blood Orange, Red Mandarin, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, and Perilla), and Angel’s Trumpet (angels trumpet absolute, french tuberose, and woodland mushroom).

For those wanting to walk a bit on the wild side, D.L. & Company offers an amazing array of choices. For example, there are unscented skulls (both large and small) and even Faunas – a goat leg column. The candle busts are really an amazing site to see. Particularly the Bust of Dierdre, which cries tears of wax when melted.


D.L. & Company also offers diffusers and personal fragrance products.

Photo credits: Top two photos courtesy of D.L. & Company. Bottom photo courtesy of MissingCandy

Happy candle burning ~


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