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chick-lit-candles-webLisa Richmon, an essayist and writing coach, is the creator of the hip, new Chick Lit Candles. Her pure soy candles are the perfect aromatherapy/psychotherapy combo. While only four candle scents are currently offered, you could spend a lot of time pouring over those options deciding on just the right one. Why? Because there’s a story with each and so much detail (with superb writing), that you just don’t want to miss a thing.

Take the hang tags, for instance. Each 11 ounce candle comes adorned with a hang tag that can be slipped off and carried around for continued inspiration. On one side of the hangtag is the scent name and essence of the scent. The flip side offers up a chant, a rant, and the intention. Super clever!





The craft tubes that the candles come in can be repurposed for holding pens, makeup brushes, etc. Candles are currently selling for $38 each.

The four scents available are:

The Picker Flicker:


Lavender Olive Leaf: hyacinth, olive, lavender, eucalyptus/When it comes to dating and mating, it’s all about the ‘picker.” This candle encourages choices from a place of self-worth.

The Girls’ Girl


Currant Twist: cassis, citrus peel, fir/ This is a shout out to anyone who believed in herself.

The Overthinker


Amberwood Nectar: sandalwood, violet, patchouli/Ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time in her own head./Think of this candle as a BRAINCATION. A place you go to get out of your own head and chill for a while.

The Wedding Boss


Vanilla Punch: vanilla, grapefruit, magnolia/ This candle is for any bride with love in her heart (and a to-do list that reads like a mini-manifesto.) A reminder to save some passion for after the wedding.

Which Chick Lit Candle are you? Me? Definitely The Overthinker.

Photo Credit: Chick Lit Candles

Happy candle burning ~


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  1. Wow, these are super cute! I wonder if the scent description is accurate? I will put these on my vendors to try list.

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