Candle Company Center Stage: Armadilla Wax Works

Armadilla Wax Works has been in the candle making business since 1971. The factory is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, and they make all sorts of candles such as pillars, floating candles, wax luminaries, and tarts.  There are so many products available, it’s truly mind-boggling.

For example, there are scented wax melts (referred to as wax potpourri) that come in a variety of scents and 3 bag sizes armadilla-wax-works-fragrance-layer-pillar-candle-web(4oz, 8oz, and 1 lb). Choose scents such as Phoenix Morning Tea, Garden Rose, or Spanish Moss. For those seeking out candles, there are travel tins that are referred to as TravelDillas. Cute!

The candle options certainly don’t stop there – wax luminaries, votives, and more can be purchased. The fragrance layer pillar candles are a thing of beauty. There are a number of unscented candle options as well, including their signature cactus candles. If shopping for wedding candles, this certainly looks like a good place to check out. The prices are reasonable and the options plentiful.

Happy candle burning ~


Author: Andrea

Andrea is the voice behind Candle Scoop. She is a long-standing member of Candlefind and loves all things scented. While she enjoys scents across the spectrum, she is a die-hard bakery and fresh-scent fan. She enjoys rooting out bargains and candle discounts, but she won't hesitate to pamper herself with a luxury brand. When not writing or talking about candles, she enjoys spectator sports and playing with her pups. Andrea would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact!

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  1. That’s a very pretty candle

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  2. This company is rather new to me. I did manage to check them out. I am surprisingly happy with there scent list! They do have some pretty cool scent names too!!

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