Golden Rose from Royal Tea Candles, Jewelry Candle Review

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Golden Rose from Royal Tea Candles, Jewelry Candle Review

by Ann Frati

Candle review of Royal Tea Candles

Scent description: The perfect rose scent is complex and can be made up of many floral attributes. This bouquet is made up of sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold.

Candle Size: 18 oz in oversized glass teacup

Type of Wax: 100% Natural Soy

Where Burned: 10×12 room

Stated Burn Time: 80 hours (estimated)

Cost: $25.00

Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: Complex scent with prominent rose component. Along with rose, I smelled honeysuckle. Medium-strong.

FUN FACT: This company was born when Andrew, one of the founders, asked his girlfriend Catherine to find a gift for his mother. After deciding to make jewelry candles, they added the unique touch of picking the type of jewelry you’d like!

Jar Status: This one’s a keeper: it’s a generously-sized transparent teacup complete with a handle on the side.

Rating Breakdown:

Packaging/Presentation: 9Golden_Rose_large

These candles come in a transparent oversized teacup, kind of like what you get if you order a luxury coffee/tea drink to “stay” in a coffee bar. The wax was a rich, medium-dark yellow with two well-placed wicks. On the side, a simple sticker advertises the name of the company, scent, and their catch-phrase: “Choose your own crown jewel.” A small silver round disc attached to a chain hangs from the side of the cup; the disc includes the name of the company and the chain extends into the candle. As the candle is burned, an aluminum foil rectangle appears (jewelry inside!) A warning label is affixed at the bottom. I really liked this and plan to keep the cup. The disc with the jewelry pack attached is a great idea! The only thing that might have made this better is a nice box and lid.

Scent: 9

Wonderful, complex floral as described. This is an accurate name: it’s mostly rose though I smelled a lot of honeysuckle, also. The burn scent was very similar to the dry sniff. I really didn’t smell fern or marigold, though there may have been a touch of lily. There is a decent-sized portion of perfume-y in this scent. My personal impression of this was complex and somehow reminded me of the south. Lovely!

Scent Strength: 8

This is a medium to strong scent. It filled the room with scent after several hours, though there wasn’t any “leak” to adjoining rooms. Certainly adequate for a room of this size.

Scent Throw: 8

Good to better than average scent throw, with the area around the candle well-scented and the corners of the room with lighter scent but still present.

Performance: 9.5

This candle burned well. A wax pool formed after about an hour. It burned both evenly and cleanly all the way to the bottom, making clean-up of the cup easy. It lasted for just about 80 hours, as advertised.

(Drumroll, please!)Now the jewelry: This was wrapped in a rectangular piece of foil with the ends of a short chain which hung out of the cup with a silver disc (described above). My daughter and I unwrapped this with great anticipation: a silver snake chain necklace with a lovely emerald jewel in a silver setting with tiny diamond sparklers. My daughter claimed it eagerly! Definitely worth the wait. Its value was typed on a small piece of paper: $20. I bumped up my rating in honor of this lovely piece!

Overall Rating: 8.7, no jewelry; 9.2 with jewelry.

Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: Great concept! I love the fact that the buyer can choose the type of jewelry but that the actual details of it remain a surprise. Scent on dry sniff and burned very similar. Rich, complex scent.

Would I repurchase? This was given to me for review but I would purchase these independently. As Catherine points out, these are great mother/mother-in-law gifts.

Disclosures: As above. I was given this candle for review but was not otherwise compensated.

Happy candle burning!

~ Ann Frati

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royal tea candle

KFC “Finger Lickin Good” Nail Polish

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KFC “Finger Lickin Good” Nail Polish

Nail polish that tastes like fried chicken? Edible nail polish? Hmmm… not sure how I feel about that or if I would actually do it but it sure sounds KFC nail polishinteresting doesn’t it?

KFC Hong Kong launched it’s new nail polish in two KFC flavors—Original Recipe, a light taupe with brown sparkles or Hot &Spicy – a fire engine red with deep maroon sparkles. Pretty colors!!

How does it work? Just like regular nail polish only you get to lick your fingers afterwards. (laughing!!) Not sure how long the flavor lasts but it sure sounds like a great gag gift or even a fun one to give someone… especially for those who love to paint their nails. I won’t even go with toe painting. I think their idea was just for fingers. LOL!!

Want to learn more about this “Finger licking good” product? Visit KFC Hong Kong for more details.

Happy nail biting!!

~ Christina

KFC finger lickin good nail polish

New Candlefind Giveaway from Madison Valley Candles

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So what’s our giveaway this week at Candlefind? It’s a BIG ONE!! We’ve teamed up with Madison Valley Candles to give one lucky winner this awesome basket full of scented goodies!

madison valley giveaway

This gift basket is valued at $95.00!!! And YOU get to pick the scents!

Here’s what’s in the basket:

  • 1 Large Soy Crackling Woodwick Candle
  • 1 Large Standard Soy Candle
  • 1 Extra Large 3-Wick Soy Candle
  • 1 Signature Soy Candle Melts 6-pack
  • 1 Votive Soy Candle 6-pack
  • 1 Tea Light Soy Candle 6-Pack
  • 1 Madison Valley Candle Wick Cutter
  • 1 Madison Valley Candle Wick Snuffer

Head on over to our contest page on Candlefind for the full details and how to enter to win.

~ Christina… the site for candle lovers!!

Visit Madison Valley Candles contest page on Candlefind



Win a $50 E-Gift Certificate to Pure Integrity Candles

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Who wants to win a $50 gift card to Pure Integrity Candles?


Pure Integrity Candles is giving away TWENTY $50 E-Gift Certificates to twenty lucky winners and it’s super easy to enter. So easy, there are 13 different ways. All the details listed on the link below.

Come on Candlefiners!! What a great Christmas present – – I know I would love one. Twenty winners will be chosen on December 22nd so hurry!! Don’t delay.

Good luck!

~ Christina

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Winner announcement: $50 gift certificate to Bath & Body Works

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What a great response to our first Candlefind giveaway!! Thank you everyone who participated.

Our winner is…….. Valerie S.

Congrats, Valerie!!! I’ll be emailing your shortly to arrange prize delivery. You ROCK!! You got so many entries and reviews in, it was awesome!!

Just a FYI…. we’ll be moving giveaways to Candlefind till Andrea is ready to come back from her hiatus. I know you all miss her – we do too!! Be sure you’re registered over on Candlefind for a chance to win. We’re planning more awesome giveaways sometime next week! It’ll be the same… every post you make gives you an entry each week. The more you post, the more entries you receive.

Please be sure to share Candle Find with your family and friends. The greater readership we have, the greater prizes we are able to offer!

Happy Candle Hunting!

~ Christina… the site for Candle lovers!

Candlefind Giveaway! Candles or Gift Certificate?

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Hey Candlefinders!

We’re going to be doing a series of giveaways starting on Friday of this week. What would you like to be the first prize? Large candles from Goose Creek Candle Co in their new fall fragrances, a flat rate box full of wax melts or a gift certificate to Bath & Body Works?

We’re so excited about our new site design, we’re giving away a TON of scented goodies from Pure Integrity, Bath & Body Works, Goose Creek Candle Co, plus many more various companies we’re working out the details on.Candlefind Giveaway


Madison Valley Soy Candles has offered a HUGE soy gift basket valued at almost $100.00 as one of the giveaways and the list goes on and on…..

Are you salivating yet?
I am!!!!

Let us know your thoughts and what you’d like to see in the comment section here.

~ Christina

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Fragrance Find Friday: Vanilla Bourbon, Yankee Candle Company

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Fragrance Find Friday: Vanilla Bourbon, Yankee Candle Company


I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the heat of summer. I’m looking forward to Fall more this year than any year I can ever remember. Perhaps that’s what had me trolling late at night for some Fall fragrances. Yankee Candle has a few new Fall scents out, including this one that caught my eye: Vanilla Bourbon. Ahhhh, that sounds delicious! I’m envisioning a heavy vanilla with creamy caramel-ly bourbon notes.

A traditional warm-me-up on a cold winter’s day–a mug full of something steaming topped with a layer of thick vanilla cream and laced with a dash of strong bourbon.

Since I’m officially on my wax ban, I’ll have to live vicariously through others. Has anyone tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts?

Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

Candle Scoop – The best smelling blog around!

What’s That In My Melter? Gardenia votive, Kringle Candle Company

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What’s That In My Melter? Gardenia votive, Kringle Candle Company

I recently melted a Gardenia Kringle Candle Company votive in my bulb melter (1.7 ounces, 40W bulb). This was a very powerful gardenia Kringle Candle Company votive candle - #candles-#KringleCandlescent. It was heady and strong – I smelled all flower with no greenery. I love the scent of gardenia, but I do think I would have liked a little touch of greenery to this one to tame it a bit. Even though I enjoyed the melted votive, I don’t know if I could handle a large jar candle in this scent, as it might trigger my migraines. I don’t see this particular scent offered on their website at the moment, so it might be discontinued.

Not the Gardenia you remember, ours stays botanically true and avoids an overly-sweet interpretation

Do you like gardenia scented candles?


Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

Candle Scoop – The best smelling blog around!

Official Wax Ban and More

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Official Wax Ban and More

I actually thought I’d never go on the dreaded wax ban. Who can ever have too much wax? I’ve had to step away from the wax world for just a bit as I handled other affairs. When I was finally able to return to my normal routine, I immediately thought – What the ??? Wax was literally everywhere I turned. Every single room and closet. The garage. A storage facility. I have some orders still sitting unopened in boxes. From last November. Yeah.

I’m not exactly sure when my stash got so out of hand. I think wax overload happens as an insidious thing. An order here, picking up a thing or two there. Maybe it’s just that my priorities have shifted a bit. In any case, I’m ready to reign things in. The first step was to declare an official wax ban. I’m posting it online for all to see, for a little added pressure and motivation. I know I will not be able to resist Black Friday sales, so my wax ban will last through then.

My next step was to vow to go through what I had. Here’s where you come in! At the beginning of each week, I’ll post a picture of what I hope to get through that week. The reviews posted will center around those items, and I’ll mark off the things within this post as I finish them. Unfortunately, this means that there will be little rhyme or reason to what type of review will be posted. I’m just clearing out certain areas or focusing on particular orders. It also means more quick reviews will be posted, as I’m trying to move through this stash quickly (yet still be able to enjoy it!). I still have some items I was using before this dreaded wax ban, and I plan on getting those reviews up on site, too. For a while, you’ll see a combination of those items and the use-it-up items being reviewed. If you’ve seen something in a prior Secret Stash photo that you’re really curious about, be sure to leave a comment so I can dig it out for the following week.

First up are some items in my kitchen hutch. Wax just doesn’t belong there, and I’m determined to clear it out. Here’s a bit of that stash that I’ve selected to focus on this week:



Wax Melts

Blue Moon Candles, Vanille Abricot

Can Do Candles, Vanilla Bean Cookie

Dixieland Delites, Vanilla Snowflake

Front Porch Candles, Ruby Red Grapefruit Laundry

Lake Providence Lodge, Apple Dumpling

Lake Providence Lodge, Lemon Fluff Cake

Scentsy, Aussie Plum

Scentsy, Lilacs & Violets

Shayz Scents, Pink Pine Trees

Spotted Hog Candles, Honeydew Lemonade

Swan Creek Candles, Salted Caramel Popcorn

Tara’s Candle Cottage, 6AM At The Bakery

Yankee Candle Company, Red Apple Wreath x 2


Kringle Candle Co., Gardenia

Kringle Candle Co., Rainy Day


Kringle Candle, Witches’ Cauldron

Unknown, orange candle

Yankee Candle Pure Radiance, Toasted Almond

Have you ever placed yourself on a wax ban? Why or why not?

Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

Candle Scoop – The best smelling blog around!

Stash Secrets Sunday: Walmart Wax Mini-Haul

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Stash Secrets Sunday: Walmart Wax Mini-Haul

I don’t personally step into our local Walmart very often (too loud…too crowded..too short staffed…etc.), but I manage to get a handful of wax every time that I do. I actually bought these items several months ago, but just now getting a chance to blog about them.

Brands Included: ScentSationals, Better Homes & Gardens, 719 Walnut Avenue

Indie? No

The Wallet Says: $$$$$ – $$$$$


This is the lot of what I picked up – five wax melts and one three-wick candle. I bought two BH&G wax melts (Valencia Blood Orange; Fresh Pulled Taffy) and three from ScentSationals (Honey Bourbon Frosting; Molten Orange; Vanilla Bean). The candle brand I had not heard of before – 719 Walnut Avenue. It looks like a brand specifically for Walmart stores. The candle scent is Caribbean Villa. The wax melts are always around $2-2.50, but I don’t remember what the price was for the candle.


Honey Bourbon Frosting (Butter, sugar, and a touch of bourbon): This one is heavy on the honey to my nose, with just enough of the bold bourbon coming through to keep it from being too sticky sweet. Very creamy and heavy and rich. It also is strong on cold sniff. I’m excited to try this!

Vanilla Bean (Good, old-fashioned vanilla): A creamy, buttery vanilla scent.



Molten Orange (Intense orange essence): Mmmm, like a fresh burst of clean! Very citrusy and orangey. Not too sweet. I love it and it is strong on cold sniff.

Valencia Blood Orange: Very similar in scent to Molten Orange, but it doesn’t seem as bold to me.



Fresh Pulled Taffy: Oh my! This smells just like I opened a bag of fresh salt water taffy. It is gooey, and fruity, and sweet. Very sweet. It’s on the lighter side, though.



This is the three-wick candle from 719 Walnut Avenue in Caribbean Villa (Find your own seaside retreat with a tropical blend of fruits, coconut milk, and sugarcane). I love the pretty blue color! It’s a lovely scent – very fruity with a blend of that suntan coconut scent mixed in. It’s scent strength is in the mid-range. The wicks look kind of thin, so I’m wondering how this will perform. It was cheap, though, so I won’t have lost out on too much if it doesn’t work out.


Order Wrap Up (based on initial thoughts alone)


Honey Bourbon Frosting


Fresh Pulled Taffy

Honey Bourbon Frosting

Molten Orange

Valencia Blood Orange

Vanilla Bean


Caribbean Villa (only because I’m not sure how it will perform)




Have you tried any of these scents? What are your thoughts? 

Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

Candle Scoop – The best smelling blog around!

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