Flavor of the Week – Beans & Cornbread

Julia’s Flavor of The Week is Beans & Cornbread from Can Do Candles.


I’ve been traveling a lot with my family this summer, and though it’s exciting to go to new places and see new things, the best part, for me, is coming home again. Being away ignites a fresh appreciation for the comforts of a familiar street, a well worn armchair, and even a favorite scent. This week, I’ve surrounded myself with the smell of Beans & Cornbread from Can-Do Candles.

Photo credit: Ezra Poundcake

Photo credit: Ezra Poundcake

Cornbread scents have long been a favorite of mine, but beans? Who would want to smell beans, right? Well these beans are vanilla beans, and this melt scent is a custom blend from Can-Do Candles. It’s a mix of sweet cornbread and vanilla bean. Yum! The cornbread is buttery with a baked muffin smell and the vanilla bean adds creamy, sweet vanilla with a touch of musk. These two fragrances are perfectly blended at Can-Do Candles.

I can’t get enough of this sweet, salty, bakery scent. The melts are scalloped style and are sold as singles or six packs. Since I’m totally hooked on this scent now, I order it by the six pack. They come packaged in a little brown bakery bag…so cute. The throw from one scalloped melt fills a room too. With Can-Do Candles Beans & Cornbread, there’s no place like home.

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Author: Julia Wooten

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