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My name is Christina – owner of Candlefind.com… THE site for candle lovers!

I have been a candle lover since, well, since forever!! I absolutely love everything scented candle related. There really is nothing quite like having your home smell of wonderful aroma’s from baked goods to luscious and tempting fruits to spicy or exotic florals. Whatever mood you’re in can be a reflection on the fragrances flowing through your house. I love it!!

Gold Canyon Candles started me on my scented obsession and from there, the open market of the internet expanded it even further. Not long after, I was purchasing candles from every nook and cranny of this country from big brands to small mom and mop sites I found I love to frequent. Before I knew it, I was as an official reviewer for Candlefind to eventually purchasing the company in 2008. I truly believe Candlefind is the best source for finding the best candles on the market. We don’t make candles to sell, we just love to buy them and post our thoughts, experiences and opinions to you. I hope my candle experiences help you along with your candle searches. Candles really are personal but with so many choices out there, it’s hard finding the perfect candle or scent. My reviews are as objective as possible filled with my passion and most of all, humor. Please let me know what you think or if you have any fun recommendations for me to try or a company you would like to see reviewed, please let me know.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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