About: Andrea


Andrea is literally the right hand of Candlefind. Her friendship and contribution to this site and to me has been so immense and a godsend, I could not run it without her. As a candle lover and shopper, I think she may rival me…. a close toss let’s just say. This girl can shop and boy does she know her candles which brings so much valuable content to Candlefind and us candle lovers. She loves it all from luxury candles to discount brands and her reviews are honest to the core. There is no scent she leaves uncovered which again is awesome! We all have our tastes and quirks, Andrea loves it all and tries it all.

So definitely check out Andrea’s reviews on Candlefind. I’m sure you’ll find some great companies through her. You can also check out her choices for “Best scented candles” – she’s chosen some great companies that are her tried and true favorites. You can also find Andrea on her Google+ page.



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