Candle Review: Salted Caramel Corn, Bath & Body Works


Candle Size: 14.5 ounces Stated Burn Time: 25-45 hours Where Burned: Rooms sized 6' x 6.5' and 8' x 9' Great For: Fall; Winter; Those who love gourmand or sweet scents; Those looking for a strong scent throw Fun Fact: Indian corn is also referred to as flint corn. It has much less soft starch than sweet corn, and is considered "hard as flint." If ...continue reading

Winner announcement & New Candle Scoop prize pack giveaway!


Winner Announcement Thanks for all the comments and reviews last week. We love reading them! Our winner from last week’s giveaway is… Drum-roll please.... Wait for it... Tina (s… Congratulations! You’ve won our latest Candle Scoop prize pack! Your prize pack includes: Henri Bendel 10 oz candle in the scent Honey, Dream Soy wax melts in ...continue reading

Who won the Candle Scoop prize pack?

candlefind girl holds a single lit candle

Is the suspense killing you? You'll have to hold on a bit longer. Winner announced later tonight, along with the details of our next Scoop prize pack! Happy candle burning ~ ...continue reading

Candle Review: Lavender, Xela Aroma


Candle Size: 14 ounces Stated Burn Time: Approximately 70 hours Where Burned: Room size 6' x 6.5' Great For: Aromatherapy; Relaxation; Bedroom; Bathroom; Those who like floral scents; Hostess gifts Fun Fact: Lavender is a herb that belongs in the mint family. Would I repurchase? Yes Rating Breakdown: Packaging/Presentation: This ...continue reading

Candle Accessory Review: Ribbed Glass Hurricane Candle Holder, Bath & Body Works


This glass candle holder is simply stunning. It is larger than I expected (measures 7" wide by 8" high), with the ribs adding a nice texture. The apparatus that holds the candle inside has three "arms" that hook around the top of the hurricane. It easily slides out so that a 3-wick jar can sit on the base, then the entire thing sits back down into the ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Mango Peach Salsa, Yankee Candle Company


Melt Size: 0.8 ounce Melt Type: Scallop wax melt. Premium grade paraffin wax. Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Bulb melter (with 40W bulb) Great For: Summer; Those who love sweet fruity scents; Those looking for tropical scents; Kitchen; Living room Fun Fact: Yankee Candle tarts are made of tiny beads of wax that are compressed ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Watermelon Mint, Scentsy


Packaging: Pretty Summer green package with a pinky red watermelon colored wax bar. There are 8 cubes of wax. These wax cubes melted beautifully in my warmer. I used both a 25watt bulb warmer and a 40watt bulb warmer. Scent: The scent was a true to its description! It smelled like yummy watermelon with a dash of mint. PERFECT for Summer. Throw: However, ...continue reading

Liquid Hand Soap Review: Brown Sugar and Carrots Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Bath & Body Works


General: A sweet concoction, this soap is a tantalizing find! A tinge of carrots and a nice presentation completes the package. I truly enjoyed this deep cleansing soap! Size: 8 oz How Used: For hand washing, in bathrooms and kitchen. Great For: Lovers of sweet scents; lovers of carrot scents (more subtle); lovers of deep cleansing and liquid ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Banana Island, Can Do Candles


Melt Size: 1 ounce Melt Type: Single scallop wax melt. Paraffin blend wax. Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Bulb melter (with 40W bulb) Great For: Those who love banana scents; Those who love fruity scents; Summer Fun Fact: There is a real Banana Island located off the coast of Nigeria. It is a man-made island and gets its name ...continue reading

Eyeing Etsy: Candy Corn Cupcake Party Sugar Scrubs from Sugarcandie Beauty


We just love browsing Etsy! We never know what we might find. Every now and then, we'd like to share with you some of the things that make us smile. Today it's these Candy Corn Cupcake Party sugar scrubs from Sugarcandie Beauty. These beauties are 3 layers of goodness: The ghosts on Spooky Sweet St. are throwing a party!...don't miss getting your ...continue reading