Yankee Candle Scent List W-Z now available!


Whew! We've finished up the resource pages for known Yankee Candle Company scents with scent descriptions when available. Scent List W-Z is now available. We've also added the number scents to the beginning of the Scent List A.  We'll be announcing another similar project in the next coming weeks. Enjoy! Yankee Candle Scent List: W-Z Happy candle ...continue reading

Yankee Candle Scent List U-V is now available!


Almost there! The Yankee Candle Scent List U-V is now available on Candle Scoop. All scent lists can be found by heading toward the top navigation menu of any Candle Scoop page. The other scent lists are being continuously updated.  Happy candle burning ~ ...continue reading

Home Fragrance Review: Harvest Gathering, Bath & Body Works


Instantly freshen your home with two quick bursts of long-lasting fragrance and fill every room with its very own Eau de Parfum! Exclusively developed by our team of home fragrance experts for long-lasting scent. Reviewer's thoughts: I have to agree with the above! Two sprays is all it takes. The fragrance is lovely, strong, and perfect for Fall. I can ...continue reading

Candle Review: Orange Creamsicle, Our Own Candle Company


General: This adorable mini-mason candle has a creative twist: a handle on the side. At 3.5 oz, it's truly a "mini." The scent is quite light and best for light scent lovers. Size: 3.5 oz Stated Burn Time: up to 30 hours Actual Burn Time: 38 hours Where Burned: 6'x8' room Great for: Light scent lovers; sweet scent lovers. Fun Fact: Our Own ...continue reading

Computer Glitches


Apologies, Candle Scoopers. I'm experiencing some dreaded computer issues today. We have some great guest reviews I want to get posted and will hopefully have them up tomorrow. Because of the delay, I'm extending the period for entries into our giveaway up through Sunday, August 31st at 12 noon CST. Meanwhile, just browse our archives for all of our past ...continue reading

Candle Review: Vanilla Cupcake, Yankee Candle Company


Burn Time: 110 to 150 hours Wax: Custom blended wax formulation to ensure the optimum melting point and ability to hold fragrance oil Scent: Only the finest premium-quality ingredients infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive "true-to-life" scents Glass: Lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency Wick: Lead-free with ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Shabby Garden, Folky Art Candles


General: Rose scents are incredibly common, both in wax items and in soaps. Folky Art's Shabby Garden is extremely genuine and extremely strong: a really fragrant rose. Another stellar product from Folky Art! Size: 3 oz package; I used 1 oz total (about 2 melt squares) How Burned: Electric Tart Burner, 25w Where Burned: 12'x15' room Fun ...continue reading

Yankee Candle Scent List T Now Available!


We're winding down our resource list for known Yankee Candle scents. Today, the T Scent List is available. We will be finishing up the remainder of the alphabet by the end of month. Enjoy! Yankee Candle Scent List T Don't forget to peruse the other scent lists that have already been published, as we are continuously updating them. Happy candle burning ...continue reading

Eyeing Etsy: Fountain of Youth Soap from Artisan Bath & Body


We just love browsing Etsy! We never know what we might find. Every now and then, we'd like to share with you some of the things that make us smile. Today it's this lovely Fountain of Youth soap from Artisan Bath & Body. This handmade soap weighs in at 4.5 ounces and contains some wonderful ingredients like coconut oil, palm oil, and organic olive oil. ...continue reading

Winner announcement and new Candle Scoop prize pack giveaway!


Thanks for all the comments and reviews last week. We love reading them! Our winner from last week’s giveaway is… Reem (r…abb@gmail.com) Congratulations! You’ve won our latest Candle Scoop prize pack! Your prize pack includes: Grumpy Girl 6oz travel tin candle in the scent Second Base, Bath & Body Works 14.5oz candle in the scent London Calling, and ...continue reading