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Scent Survey Saturday: When do you start using Spring scents?


Happy candle burning ~ Andrea Haskins Candle Scoop - The best smelling blog around! ...continue reading

Updates to the Yankee Candle Scent List: 2/27/2015


Thanks to everyone for all the help in updating and maintaining our Yankee Candle Scent Lists. Candle Scoop readers rock! Since this is an ongoing project in relative infancy, I'm going to give weekly updates for any changes/additions/corrections. This week, the following updates have been made: Added: Mandarin Water (Water Inspirations Collection) - mix of ...continue reading

Candle Company “Scenter” Stage: Bridgewater Candles


Today on our Candle Company "Scenter" Stage, we have Bridgewater Candles. Bridgewater was founded in 1998 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and boasts strong, clean burning candles made of a soy wax blend. These candles are beautifully crafted and have the feel of a luxurious candle without breaking the bank. Their signature candle is their 18.5 ounce ...continue reading

What’s That In My Melter? Blueberry Scone votive, Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Blueberry Scone votive - #YankeeCandle #YC #candles

I recently melted a Yankee Candle Blueberry Scone votive in my bulb melter (1.7 ounces, 40W bulb). I loved it! On cold sniff, I smelled mostly juicy, sweet blueberries. Once warmed, I still got a good whiff of the blueberries, but, oh my! There was an added warm, buttery goodness. It smelled a lot more like a warm blueberry muffin. It was simply delicious. ...continue reading

What’s That In My Melter? Gift of Kings votive, Kringle Candle Company

Kringle Candle Company votive candle - #candles-#KringleCandle

I recently melted a Gift of Kings votive from Kringle Candle Company in my melter (2 ounces, 40W bulb). This wax melt was very complex and sensual. I found it warm from the spices with an earthy/woodsy element to it. I couldn't really smell any florals in the mix. Still, I loved the scent. It was fairly light, but enjoyable. If you're a seasonal melter, this ...continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Candlefind Seeks The Best Sugar Cookie Candle #TBT


Once upon a time, Christina and Lisa made it their mission to find the best sugar cookie candle (or melt) around. This adventurous duo rounded up 18 - yes, 18! - sugar cookie scents and gave their thoughts on them all. The candle companies they reviewed included some big and small businesses. You can read the full review on Candlefind. Here are some brief ...continue reading

Picture This! Yankee Candle Angel’s Wings

Yankee Candle Angel's Wings - #YankeeCandle #YC #candles

Now that we have the Yankee Candle Scent Lists well underway, it's time for some eye candy. I'll try rounding up photos of each of the different scents and feature one every few days, until we get through them all. Today's scent is: Angel's Wings. Scent Description: Spirits rise on this beautiful, airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer ...continue reading

Eyeing Etsy: Red Waterlily Stained Glass Candle Holder, Jacquie Summer


We just love browsing Etsy! We never know what we might find. Every now and then, we'd like to share with you some of the things that make us smile. Today it's this Red Waterlily Stained Glass Votive Candle Holder from Jacquie Summer. This company, based in Chicago, has a number of beautiful stained glass creations, including several gorgeous candle ...continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Winter Porch

Winter Porch Candles - #candles #WordlessWednesday

  photo credit: Vicky's Home Blog ...continue reading

Candle Scoop Reviews: Sea Side Wax Melt, Tara’s Candle Cottage


Tender beach floras are lightly misted with the refreshing scent of ocean air, ripe succulent summer melon and the subtle familiar scent of suntan lotion Melt Size: 0.8 ounce each Melt Type: Scallop Type of Wax: Parasoy Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Bulb melter Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: This had a perfumey note to it on cold ...continue reading