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Front Porch Candle Company individual wax tart melts

I just love looking over these scent lists from Front Porch Candles. So many of these sound wonderful...I wouldn't know where to start! Any recommendations? Grubby Tarts 4 Packs and Individual Scents added: Blueberry Marshmallow Bread Autumn Glory Carrot Cake Pink Blueberries Marshmallow Peppermint Noel Lemon Marshmallow Bread Gummy Fish ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Old Fashioned Lemonade, Colonial Candle

Colonial Candle Old Fashioned Lemonade Simmer Snaps

Melt Size: 2.4 ounces Melt Type: Clamshell style. Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Bulb melter (with 40W bulb). I used half of the clamshell at once. Great For: Summer; Those who love lemon scents; Kitchen Comments: I purchased this during a half off sale, so it was a great deal! Would I repurchase? Yes Rating ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Bayberry, Tara’s Candle Cottage


Melt Size: 2 ounces Melt Type: Scent shot - round cup style wax melt. Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Bulb melter with 40W bulb. One scent shot used. Great For: Holidays; Christmas; Winter Would I repurchase? Probably not. Rating Breakdown: Packaging/Presentation: I bought this tart cup in a package of three. The scent ...continue reading

Available: Yankee Candle Scent List – B


The Yankee Candle Scent List (with scent descriptions when available) is ready for those scents beginning with the letter B. Be sure to check out this resource page and let us know of any errors or omissions. Are there any other companies you’d like to have catalogued? Leave your suggestions here. Enjoy! Yankee Candle Scent List: B Happy candle burning ...continue reading

Shopping My Stash – Part 1


Who knows how it happened? One day, I was admiring the small collection of smell goods on a bookshelf. The next, I was shuffling candles around in the pantry to get to a can of peas. Wait...did these things multiply? Something sinister is going on. I'm convinced. Regardless of how it happened, I decided it was time to focus on the corrective action ...continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Summer Boats

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  ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Candy Corn, Yankee Candle Company


Melt Size: 0.8 ounce Melt Type: Scallop wax melt. Paraffin wax. Where Melted: Room size 6' x 6.5' How Melted: Tealight melter Great For: Halloween; Fall; Those looking for lighter scent throws; Vanilla fans Would I repurchase? No. I need a stronger scent throw. Rating Breakdown: Packaging/Presentation: Although I hate the shrink ...continue reading

Bath & Body Review: Olive Shower Gel, The Body Shop


General: Olive shower gel is a refreshing scent that both women and men could truly enjoy. It is billed as a neutral scent, but to me it is a slightly sweet, slightly spicy complex scent that I could really appreciate. The gel worked quite well. The Body Shop is a long-time reputable company with great customer service to boot. Highly recommended. Website ...continue reading

Finally! Yankee Candle Scent List Resource – Letter A Available


Whew! I've been working on this project for a long spell, and it's finally ready for kick-off. Candle Scoop is building a set of resource pages, and the first resource? A Yankee Candle Scent List! The first page is available...those Yankee Candle Scents that begin with the letter A.  Be on the lookout over the next several weeks as I finish up this ...continue reading

Candle Review: Sparkling Citrus, Xela Aroma


Candle Size: 11 ounces Stated Burn Time: 50 hours Where Burned: Room size 6' x 6.5' Great For: Aromatherapy; Gifting; Those looking for more subtle scenting options; Office space (where candle burning is allowed!) Comments: This candle is part of Xela Aroma's Natural Luxuries line. Soy wax blend. According to the website: Natural Luxuries is an ...continue reading