What’s That In My Melter? Serendipity Mallow Ice Cream Bread


I received some Front Porch Candles wax melts from a friend, including this one - Serendipity Mallow Ice Cream Bread. I didn't find a scent description for this actual blend, but I am familiar with Serendipity and with the blend Ice Cream Scoop Bread. I'm assuming this is a blend of the two, with a little marshmallow thrown in the mix. I'm not exactly sure, ...continue reading

Candle Scoop Reviews: Turquoise Sky Noel, Melt My Heart Tarts


Crisp, salty air, sea grass, musk blended with our favorite vanilla bean noel. Melt Size: 2 ounces Melt Type: Scent shot Type of Wax: Paraffin Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Electric plate melter (24W) as per owner's suggestion Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: This was interesting on cold sniff - I smelled mostly the familar VBN ...continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Great Candles for Mother’s Day


Can you believe it's almost Mother's Day? I don't know about you, but time sure does fly as I get older. If you haven't already purchased your gifts (or even if you have), here are some suggestions for Mother's Day candles. 10. Endless Weekend, Bath & Body Works   Fresh summer mandarin, creamy vanilla and blue coconut water evoke days of ...continue reading

Candle Scoop Reviews: Wolf’s Bane Daylight, Kringle Candle Company


While folklore suggest this unassuming yellow woodland flower might repel werewolves, we're sure its delightful floral fragrance will have you happily howling at the moon. Candle Size: 1.25 ounces Type of wax: Food-grade paraffin Stated Burn Time: 12-14 hours Where Burned: Room size 6' x 6.5' Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: This smelled a little ...continue reading

Candles on Sale #47

candles on sale

It’s time for more candles on sale! Each week we’ll highlight a few candle sales that are going on (and a few bath/body sales, too). We don’t want you to purchase cheap candles – we want to help you purchase candles on the cheap! If you take advantage of any of the sales, be sure to come back to let us know. Yankee Candle: Buy 1 large candle, get 1 large ...continue reading

Candle Scoop Reviews: Blue Garden Classic Candle, NEST Fragrances

NEST Fragrances Blue Garden - #NEST #candles

Blue hydrangea, hyacinth and forget-me-nots are blended with fresh green notes and a dew drop accord to create the aroma of a lush floral garden. Candle Size: 8.1 ounces Type of wax: Soy wax blend Stated Burn Time: 50 hours Where Burned: Room size 6' x 6.5' Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: Lush greenery combined with a mix of sweet and perfumey ...continue reading

Sampled: Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Moisture Hand Cream

Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Cream - #Origins #bathbody #luxury

I recently placed a small order from Origins, and they include a free sample with each order. The sample I chose was for the Make A Difference Rejuvenating Moisture Hand Cream, which gets rave reviews on the website. I couldn't wait to try it! I must say, however, that I was completely disappointed. First, the "cream" is very thin. I rubbed it into my hands ...continue reading

What’s That In My Candle Crock Warmer? Coastal Dunes, Annapolis Candle

Annapolis Candle - #luxury #soycandle #AnnapolisCandle

I recently put the remainder of my Coastal Dunes candle from Annapolis Candle in my crock warmer. I loved the sweet grassiness of this scent as it warmed. The scent was more intense than when it was burning, and I could get more of the warmth from the amber as well. Such a refreshing, airy scent. I loved it and felt immediately transported to the beach! An ...continue reading

Enter to win a $25 Yankee Candle eGift Card!


Winner Announcement First things first...who won last week's giveaway? Congrats to Tanya (w...a42@gmail.com)!!! You must use our Contact Us form to claim your prize before Friday, May 8th. Didn't win last week? No worries! We give away prizes every week and next week just might be you. Be sure to check out our list of Winners so you can keep up with all the ...continue reading

Candle Scoop Reviews: Vanilla Bean Buttercream Wax Bar, Scentsy

Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Bar - #Scentsy #candles

Decadent buttercream frosting made with the freshest butter whipped with cane sugar and vanilla extract. So creamy and sweet you will have to lick the spoon! Melt Size: 3.2 fluid ounces/Net weight 2.6 ounces Melt Type: Clamshell Type of Wax: Food-grade paraffin Where Melted: Room size 8' x 9' How Melted: Bulb melter (with 40W bulb). 2 cubes used then 3 ...continue reading