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What’s That In My Melter? Hazelnut Latte Votive from Colonial Candles


I recently melted a Hazelnut Latte votive from Colonial Candles in my wax melter (bulb melter, 40W bulb). It was simply scrumptious! Very creamy and sweet with the right hint of nuttiness. There was a buttery caramel overlay, but I couldn't pick out any chocolate notes. A delectable warm treat of hazelnut and caramel topped with the richness of chocolate and ...continue reading

Craft Idea: Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

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This Vanilla Pumpkin sugar scrub seems like the perfect thing for this Fall season. I really love this recipe for a sugar scrub from Smart School House. It's a layered scrub that looks so pretty and sounds incredibly easy to make.   The recipe given is actually for a layer of Vanilla Sugar Scrub and a layer of Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub. The ...continue reading

Candle Company “Scenter” Stage: Grimsby & Gaunt


Grimsby and Gaunt is an Etsy shop based in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The large style candles are simply gorgeous and each is a creation related to the journeys of the owners. Each candle comes with a handwritten scroll that details the experience related to that scent. Here's what was once posted on their Facebook page: As the light of the sun burns and the ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Gardenia, Pure Integrity


Melt Size: 3.5 ounces Melt Type: Clamshell style wax melt. Proprietary natural soy wax blend. Where Melted: Large, open living space How Melted: Combination of electric melters (24W) and bulb melters (with 40W bulbs) Great For: Summer; Those who love floral scents; Large, open spaces; Mother's Day; Valentine's Day Comments: For a limited time, ...continue reading

In The News: Meth Candles Confiscated


Now I think I've heard it all. In Baton Rouge, a police dog sniffed out a suitcase in the luggage cargo area of a passenger bus. What did they discover? Candles. Not just any type of candles, but candles loaded with meth. Police arrested 19 year old Jose Antonio Rodriguez-Lara for distribution. You can read a few more details in the Bayou Buzz.  Happy ...continue reading

Wax Melt Review: Serendipity, Olde Primitive Treasures


General: This new site for me (found through a recent Candlescoop sale) has one of my favorite scents of all time: Serendipity. It's an excellent one! Strong, yummy, sweet: a real find! (Note: the picture is of a different scent, but the owl shape is so cute I had to use it for my photo. The serendipity scent is actually lavender.) Size: 1-1.2 oz scalloped ...continue reading

Eyeing Etsy: Zombie Brain Cupcake Soap from Sunbasil Garden Soap


We just love browsing Etsy! We never know what we might find. Every now and then, we'd like to share with you some of the things that make us smile. Today it's this Zombie Brain Cupcake Soap from Sunbasil Garden Soap. This cute but creepy soap is made with various oils, including coconut oil and safflower seed oil. The fragrance is naturally Bubble Gum - ...continue reading

Candle Review: Spooky Tree Bottle Light, Root Candles


Candle Size: 7.8 ounces Stated Burn Time: Over 60 hours Where Burned: Large office space Great For: Halloween; Fall; Winter Comments: Here is a link to our YouTube video of the candle as it glows.  Fun Fact: Root Candles was founded in 1869 by Amos Ives Root. Would I repurchase? Yes, if on sale. I would purchase several for a candlescape, not for ...continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Zombies!


    ...continue reading

Home Fragrance Review: Gingerbread Home Fragrance Mist, Thymes


Product Type: Room Spray Product Size: 3 ounces What It Claims: The ideal balance of holiday warmth and joy, this VOC-compliant spray fills your home with delicate, delectably spiced Gingerbread. A modern fragrance inspired by age-old holiday traditions of hearth and home. Used throughout your home, office or car, this mist layers the air with ...continue reading